Our Body is like a strainer…

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Our body is like a strainer: life flows like water through the strainer, literally passing through, each and every moment.  From the moment we are brought into this world with a physical form, until the very last breathe, our experiences exist as moments.  And these moments, these snapshots, do not last any longer than the water touching the strainer, vanishing as the water continues on its’ way.
img00164Our ego however wishes to hold onto some of the water…   It is of the illusion that it is possible to keep the water, to store it or hide some part of it away for the future, somehow….

In a sense, it can be said that we strive to hold onto our experiences within our bodies, whether good or bad, happy or traumatic.  We believe ‘twisting and contorting’ the strainer will possibly keep this water, and help us in our future.  Unfortunately, this attitude of wanting to keep our experiences, rather than see their flow as part of our life, separates between past, present and future and causes unnatural stress and discomfort within not only our physical bodies, but our spiritual and energetic bodies as well.  Our logical mind cannot accept that it is impossible to ‘keep a few snapshots’.  We must rather ‘see all the snapshots in the continuum of snapshots that are our lives’.  As Albert Einstein explained, there really is no true division between past and future, but rather a single existence.

Tao Shiatsu treatments help let go of the illusion that keeping the water will make our lives better.

The treatments keep the strainer clear, overcoming obstructions of the ego, allowing for life to move in a continuous, healthy flow.

Feeling light and energized following a treatment is due to the heart, mind and body being free to experience the flow of life as a continuum, without the discomfort of the past and worries about the future.   Similar to the freedom we all experienced as children.

Have a Tao Shiatsu treatment and return to freeing the moments as they pass through you, spilling onto  the    next      moments …


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  1. Yes Alex, the flow of life moment to moment! Thank you for explaining it so clearly.

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